Meet Mike. Mike had to borrow money to go to college. Like many, he worries about how he's going to pay off his student loan. Total amount borrowed: $35,000.

By joining, Mike has access to those who want him to succeed, where Margaret, Anthony, and Company X can make donations of up to $35,000 to Mike using

Meet Company X. Company X has a long-term need to employ people with Engineering and Computer Science backgrounds. By becoming a sponsor at, their desire to hire locally for Engineering positions, and country-wide for Computer Science positions was made a lot easier by leveraging the services available at

Because Mike's major is Computer Science, Compay X has decided to sponsor Mike. Over the course of Mike's studies Company X expressed interest in employing Mike, and upon graduation Mike accepted a position within the company.

Because of the donations that Mike has received while in school, and the sponsorship of Mike by Company X, Mike was able to graduate with less student loan debt and he secured a job right after graduation.

Meanwhile, Company X was able to sponsor and motivate Mike to graduate and will now benefit from his efforts through employment with the Company X team.

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